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Born on 11.07.1963 in Pernik.
In 1989 finishes the new course on classic
animation in NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” under
the guide of Proyko Proykov.
He started work in animation studio “Sofia”
and later in “Kadans” Cinema center Boyana.
After a year he went to Budapest, working
as an animator in dozens prestige productions
for Panonia Film, Sega Games and Varga
Studio. After about ten years he came to
Bulgaria and at present he works for many
productions in Bulgaria and abroad.
2004-2007 Jury is an animator and supervisior
of the animation of the Warner Bros’
feature productions - “Lars the Little Polar
Bear” and “Dodo”.
During the last years, he takes active part in
the field of the digital 2D animation, interactive
productions and computer games.
He is one of the founders of the Association
of the Independent Artists.
Member of the Union of the Bulgarian artists
and the Union of the Bulgarian film makers.