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        Radostina Neykova graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” with an MFA in Film Studies and Animation Directing.

            She is teaching “Dramaturgy of animated film” and “Animation techniques” in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”.

            Radostina Neykova is Ass. Professor, PhD in the Institute of Arts Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

            She won:Annual Award for animation directing debut of the Bulgarian National Film Academy 2012; Honorary Diploma for Best Animated Film Festival for Bulgarian Short Film "Golden rhyton"; Grand Prix Veliki Brcko, на 6-th International Short Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012; Grand Prix – Gjakova International Short Film Festival, Kosovo, 2013; The Best animation film Award in SEE – Paris South East European Film Festival 2012; The Best Animation Debut in TOFUZI – International Animation Film Festival, Batumi, Georgia, 2012.

            Radostina is the illustrator of children’s books in Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Has Annual award of writers in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the book “Izmisliaonica u selu Pricevac” 2013 (autor Simo Esic), Annual award for children’s book “Konstantin Konstantinov” for the book “Christmas tales” etc.

She has a solo exhibitions "Children's illustration" in Greece, Serbia and Bosnia I Hercegovina. She is leader and mentor to children's Animation workshops in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Georgia.

Radostina Neykova is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers, Animation Guild, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists - Film Section, Bulgarian Association of Film, Television and Radio scriptwriters.